Nyandarua Land

Land For Sale

Location: Nyandarua

Land for sale In Nyandarua County. Selling in units sizes of Quarter an Acre and Half an Acre.

Features of Land:

    • Flat and fertile land suitable for agricultural purpose or eucalyptus tree planting
    • Sufficient rainfall during the year.
    • Four kilometers to the main road (Ol Kaloa Njabini Tarmac) and 12kms to Ol Kalao town.
    • Affordable price, and all inclusive of legal and transfer/title processing costs.
    • Other amenities include primary school one km away from the land.

Payment Terms


  • Price : Ksh 295,000
  • Size : 0.25 Acre


  • Price : Ksh 475,000
  • Size : 0.5 Acre