Chairman Message

Chairman Message

The need for affordable decent housing is on the rise not only in Kenya but in Africa for the increasingly rising population. As one of the leading real estate company in Kenya and since its naissance in 2014, Silverstone Properties Ltd has always been a key contributor to Kenya real estate sector. We are committed to having a good partnership, transparency and reliability with our clients rather than Client-Contractor relationship. Our clients are fully aware that we have the skills, resources and expertise, and most importantly, the ability to complete their projects to the highest standards on time.

As a member of renowned and respected Group of companies with operations in Africa Goldenscape Group Limited, Silverstone Properties is not only giving each family a story of hope by making home owners a house but we are also giving them hope and dreams. Buying a house mean buying a new quality and way of life. Everyday life presents us with new opportunities and people expectations for comfort and luxury naturally increase as a result of this. People are now working harder for a more secure and comfortable life and in the current living and working conditions people deserve this.

Health, Safety, Quality and the Environment are among the most important concerns of our company and we follow strict safety regimes as well as quality procedures and strives to continuously improve its performance. We have renowned exceptional team professionals in their field with of average 20 years’ experience (check our board of directors and senior management section) their vision being taking Silverstone to the next level.

We take pride in our achievements which we attribute to the dedication of our staff, whose exceptional skills and expertise are the key value of our company’s success. Thanks to our loyal team of workers board of directors & professionals, we have succeeded in proving that we can deliver on our promises, we can rise to the challenge and excel in our performance to the satisfaction of our clients. It has been a very challenging journey from the start of our company in 2014 until today. Having started as a small business, we are now one among the top all rounded modern real estate company in Kenya and growing. Our major challenge today is to sustain the growth we generated till date. We are proud of our past and we have an active present and we look forward to a promising future.

We will continue to prepare happy and comfortable homes for our African people.

Yours Sincerely
Group Chairman and CEO
Goldenscape Group Limited.